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acrylic on canvas 70x110cm

August Trees

mixed media on canvas 50x140cm


mixed media on canvas 100x120cm


mixed media on canvas 60x80cm

Yantra II.

Yantra II. is about the value of present moment, a moment of alignment with oneself. The artwork is inspired by the visit of Nepal, especially its temples. Mandala is a symbol of life-cycle and the wholeness of the universe, a symbol of eternal cycle of all the is alive. Painted with mixed media on canvas 100x100cm.


The painting is inspired by India - its people, culture, sun, food and especially colours. A cubist technique follows the pattern of the first (hidden) layer, where the cards of Jolly Jokers are placed. The top layer shows an elephant on a walk in sunset. Metallic acrylics surprise when looking at the painting from different angles. Artwork is all about the joy and pleasure from a walk on a sunny day. In this case, the lucky one is an elephant. Symbolism, cubism, illustration or abstraction. Painted with mixed media on canvas 100x100cm.

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