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No Doubts

There are times in life of each of us when we face decisions and are not ready to make one yet. The artwork based on meditation with a focus on self-doubts: green represents heart desires and violet colors reasoning. As both belong to an individual, proper distinction on whether we decide in rational areas or within our souls might be a clue - with watching this painting a pleasant one.  Painted with mixed media on canvas 70x90cm.

Fenix and his Fear

mixed media on canvas 70x50cm

Vodyanoy Acquarius

pastel on canvas 60x80cm

Rorschach's Test

mixed media on canvas 60x80cm

Joy II.

mixed media on canvas 100x100cm


The artwork inspired by meditation on finding inner peace and strength to observe life objectively, possibly with love. On my trips to Himalaya area, thankas,  mandalas and their meaning, symbol made a profound change in my attitudes to myself and outer world. Abstraction allows one's fantasy to co-create the symbol carried within a colorful whirlwind of thoughts. Painted with mixed media on canvas 120x100cm.

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